CHIRIGOTA Songs through the streets of Fremantle!

What is ‘chirigota’?
Background: During Carnevale each year, musical ensembles (chirigotas) wend their way through the cafes and restaurants of Cadiz, Southern Spain, singing pungent satirical songs based on local gossip about the neighbourhood, composed especially for Carnevale: ‘Carnival is a newspaper. It gives the news of what happened during the year. It criticises, it comments. It concerns itself with politics… Carnival is made by the poor people. Perhaps it attacks most the political bosses in power…anybody who did something wrong…’ After all, Fremantle (and Western Australia) are target-rich environments for Carnival satire.
Fremantle is of course ripe for the chirigota phenomenon, which was unleashed on an unsuspecting Fremantle public during the 2013 Fremantle Carnevale in the lead up to the 2013 Carnevale Masked Costume Ball.

This year’s Chirigota Carnival Song Challenge will be held and judged on the Cappuccino Strip 5-7pm Saturday 1st March. Contestants should be masked and in costume in the lead up to the Carnevale Masked Costume Ball in the Town Hall from 8 pm the same night. Individual, as well as chirigota (ensemble) acts are encouraged to take part
But what’s in it for the musician?
1. A chance to win a $250 gift voucher from Fremantle Music Shop or Mills Music [TBC] in the following two categories:
o best performance
o best 2013 Carnevale song
2. Texts, audio recordings and video clips of all successful song entries will be featured on the Fremantle Carnevale website;
3. Winning entries in the two competition categories will be invited to perform at the 2013 Carnevale Masked Costume Ball;


Saturday, 1 March 2014 - 5:00pm